FX Week USA - Agenda

2019 Agenda



Registration and breakfast


Welcome Address: Editor, FX Week


A macro perspective on FX: Trade wars, geopolitics and recessions and bear markets

  • Is the bearish USD consensus correct?
  • Are we entering a period of global stagflation and negative rates?
  • What interest rate and balance sheet policy will the FED adopt?
  • Will the USD retain its role as the world’s major reserve currency?

Moderator: Mona Mahajan, U.S. Investment Strategist, Allianz Global Investors

Gabriela Santos, Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, JP Morgan Asset Management

Arnab Nilim, Former Lead Portfolio Manager Currency Strategies, Goldman Sachs Asset Management  

Natalia Gurushina, Chief Economist, VanEck 

Arnab Das, Head EM Macro, Invesco


Keynote Address: The shape of the US economy and global markets

Simon Potter, Head of the Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York  


Panel: Innovations in PB, credit and clearing

  • Impact of emerging unbundling FXPB services on the FX landscape
  • Assessing buy-side adoption of alternative credit solutions (PB, clearing or futures)


Morning break

Stream 1: FX Trading and Fintech


[Presentation, Panel or Fireside Chat]: eFX: assessing the buy-side’s needs in light of the latest developments

  • What is the value of human traders in an increasingly electronic and machine-driven environment?
  • How much will automated strategies replace human investors?
  • How can you utilise the next generation algos?

Erik Lehtis, Head of FX (US), Quadeye Trading


[Fireside Chat, Presentation or Interview]: Turning big data into smart data - AI, ML and alternative data

  • Are AI and ML benefiting underlying returns?
  • How can you effectively incorporate alternative and big data in your workflow?
  • What needs to be improved in order to normalise data for AI and ML?

Dr Miquel Noguer I Alonso, co-Founder, Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute

Philippe Burke, Portfolio Manager, Apache Capital Management

Stream 2: FX Investment and Strategy


Geopolitics Fireside Chat: China, Brexit and global instability

  • How will the US-China relationship change in 2019? Will trade talks end the conflict?
  • Impact on FX hedging of political uncertainty
  • How should we understand the Belt and Road initiative?
  • Will China’s economy hit a great wall?

Moderator: Ulf Lindahl, CEO, A.G. Bisset Associates

Arnab Das, Head EM Macro, Invesco

Arvind Rajan, Managing Director, International Chief of Investment, Prudential Financial


Panel: Emerging Markets – Outlook for 2019

  • Electronic ovation versus voice trading in illiquid markets – what are we wishing for and how do we get there?
  • Where are the bright spots in 2019?
  • Will EMs continue their rally and avoid a re-run of 2016?
  • Links with bond market: Will FX continue to be taken as a risky proxy in illiquid markets?

Moderator: Natalia Gurushina, Chief Economist, VanEck

Nathaniel Polachek, Portfolio Manager and Partner, Commodity Asset Management




Keynote Address: 20 years of the Euro

Rebecca Patterson, Chief Investment Officer, Bessemer Trust


Trading and liquidity panel: Execution, risk and transparency

  • How has FX execution changed on the trader’s desk?
  • What kind of trader profile are we now looking for?
  • Is segregating execution by liquidity and complexity better than segregating by asset class?
  • Where else do we need transparency?
  • Are we now comfortable with last look?

Roosevelt Bowman, Head of FX Trading and Strategy, Metlife

Michael O’Brien, Director of Global Trading, Eaton Vance


Afternoon break


Champagne Roundtables

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger
    • Impact on trading and back office processing
  • Achieving a tech-assisted front to back FX Workflow
  • Navigating the shifting global investment landscape


Chairperson closing remarks