This program is a work in progress. Timings, sessions and speakers are subject to change.

8:30 Registration and refreshments

9:00 WELCOME ADDRESS: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

9:10 Head of Trading Panel

  • What factors behind the slowdown in FICC revenues in 2017? Is it just about volatility?
  • What are the benefits and risks of using algos in your daily trading? 
  • The value of unorthodox data in the investment process: exploiting groupthinking and investor bias
  • MiFID 2 and the unbundling challenge: To what extent is unbundling affecting your relations with European sell-side market participants?
  • Crypto: Will regulation be enough to make cryptocurrencies more reliable?

10:00 Live Interview: FED's insights on the Global Code of Conduct

Simon Potter, Head of Markets Group, FRBNY

10:30  Liquidity Panel

What are the solutions and services offered by the heterogenous community of liquidity providers?  


11.15 Morning break and opportunity to network



FX Trading, Technology And Execution


FX Investment And Strategy






Technology and Execution Panel

What are the main factors to consider when determining your execution strategy?

Emerging Markets Panel

  • Common denominator or unique cases: The importance of analysing unique fundamentals
  • Trump administration and the EM: What has changed, if anything, in the last 18 months
  • South America: Political risk implications on currencies
  • Exiting extraordinary monetary policy, the reverberation in emerging markets
  • Fighting capital outflows to safeguard the national economy - lessons from China: Is it actually duable in 2018 and what are the implications for US investors?




PB and Clearing Panel:

What are the new products in the market and how could these benefit market participants?

CIOs Panel 

  • From divergence to convergence: Implications from an asset allocation point of view
  • The return of volatility: Does/will it translates into more hedging?
  • Weaker and weaker dollar... Can devaluation boon continue?
  • Global growth and the rebound in commodity prices: How long can this last?
  • Investing in crypto: The viability of cryptocurrencies in an institutional portfolio


1.05 Lunch and opportunity to network


2:05 Crypto Panel

  • What are the risks involved in crypto trading?
  • How can regulation protect investors? 
  • Protecting customers' privacy or assuring third-party disclosure: Can cryptos guarantee both?
  • Wholesale and retail: Could eCurrencies be beneficial for central banks?


2:45 Chief Economist Panel

  • Uncertainty and volatility: A complex relation between two no-longer connected phenomena? 
  • Trump's fiscal policy and the effects on the dollar
  • Central Banks divergence: Where are the opportunities for FX investors?
  • Is the US pulling back from its leadership role? What to expect from the dollar until the end f 2018?


3.30 Afternoon break and opportunity to network

4.00 Crypto Platforms Roundtables

5:00 CLOSING REMARKS: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

5:15 Cocktail reception