8:00 Registration and refreshments

8:50 WELCOME ADDRESS: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

9:00 CHIEF ECONOMIST PANEL: Deconstructing a paradigm - The breakdown of globalization?

  • The rise of the political economy - a return of economic nationalism and populism in G10 nations
  • Europe's hairline fractures - Brexit and the French elections' impact on the project
  • The dollar Trump-oline - fiscal measures and signs of a recovery in the US bode well for the greenback, but is that what the administration really wants?
  • Central banks and currency wars - the weaker the better?
  • Pricing uncertainty - mounting geopolitical risks and lows in the VIX
  • The path ahead - main opportunities and priorities for 2017

Christopher Probyn, Chief Economist, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist, Europe, JP MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT
Further speakers to be confirmed

10:00 IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The battle for liquidity provision

  • Are all bank and non-bank liquidity providers equal?
  • Open for risk -risk warehousing: whose job is it today?
  • Evaluating execution quality - is toxic flow toxic from the start? 
  • Last look and market making - the crutch that needs throwing away?
  • Credit and liquidity provision - will NBLPs reach real-money clients/non-spot contracts?
  • The big banks - can they dominate market making again?

Isaac Lieberman, CEO, ASTON CAPITAL
Further speakers to be confirmed

10:50 Morning break and opportunity to network

SPEED NETWORKING: Who's who in the FX market?
During the morning break, delegates will have the opportunity to meet and exchange contact details in this specially designed networking session. The main purpose? Share your professional background and business goals with other industry experts and expand your network in the process.



FX Trading, Technology And Execution


FX Investment And Strategy






Part One: Adapting to the final phase of the Global Code of Conduct

  • What does good conduct look like and what do principles actually achieve?
  • In what ways will adherence be monitored? Best practice for implementing successful surveillance systems and introducing better conduct training
  • Given that the market is no longer insular, what more can be done to help firms measure their practices against their peers and share such experiences on a global scale?

Part Two: Rolling back Dodd Frank

  • Are the rules implemented under Dodd Frank fulfilling their purpose?
  • Through the looking glass- what would a post- Dodd-Frank world look like and how would it impact liquidity conditions in the FX market?

Interview led by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Further speakers to be confirmed

1. Emerging Markets
2. The renminbi
3. LatAm

Speakers to be confirmed



PANEL: The Fragmentation of Trading Paradigms

  • Counterparty diversification - is it worth it?
  • Measuring outcomes - the role of venues and analytics
  • Third-party vs independent TCA - what's the difference?
  • The cost of rejects and mark-ups - can they be measured?
  • The role of real-money - the fiduciary headache
  • Analytics - TCA, execution quality and LP behaviour

Speakers to be confirmed




IN THE SPOTLIGHT: eFX since 2012- A look back at the trends of the past five years
Interview led by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Gil Mandelzis, Independent and former CEO, EBS-BROKER TEC

CIO PANEL: Trading the currencies above in practice

  • How are leading CIOs managing EM, RMB and LatAm currencies in practice?
  • Who are the winners and the losers in the new world order?
  • Taking an idiosyncratic approach- what instruments are available in each country to hedge out currency volatility tail risks?
  • As activity and uncertainty grows in the market, which trade ideas will work on a 1+ year horizon?

Sinead Colton, Head of Investment Strategy, MELLON CAPITAL
Further speakers to be confirmed

1.25 Lunch and opportunity to network

Put your questions to this year's sponsors over lunch at your discretion. Gain a thorough understanding of how these key solution providers differentiate themselves to decide on the most suitable partner for your business.

2:15 KEYNOTE Q+A: In Re Foreign Exchange Benchmark Antitrust Litigation - Where The Case Stands Now And Where Is It Heading?

  • What have been the biggest findings from the In Re Foreign Exchange Benchmark Antitrust Litigation case?
  • Progress report on where the case stands now
  • To what extent do you think the Global Code of Conduct will uphold conduct and best market practice?
  • How likely is it that more banks will be implicated in last look action?

Exclusive Q+A with:
Michael Hausfeld, Chairman and Founder, HAUSFELD LLP
Christopher Burke, Attorney and co-lead counsel in In Re Foreign Exchange Benchmark Antitrust Litigation, SCOTT+SCOTT
Interview led by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

2:55 PANEL: The evolution of Prime of Prime

  • Differentiating between various PoP offerings
  • What does a good PoP risk management framework look like?
  • When will the gap between direct prime brokerage costs and PoP costs narrow?

Speakers to be confirmed

3.35 Afternoon break and opportunity to network

3:55 EXECUTIVE PANEL: 2017- The year of clearing?

  • Is the credit landscape in a better shape than last year and what has driven this change?
  • The decoupling of credit and execution- next steps?
  • Will there be a solution for options clearing by the end of 2017?
  • Are there cheaper ways to clear?
  • Where should money be spent- the move towards clearing or complying with regulations?
  • Debate: Should FX be cleared?

Speakers to be confirmed


1. The Impact Of Non-Cleared Margins

  • How will forthcoming margin requirements affect the way the industry interacts with central counterparties?
  • How realistic are the capital benefits associated with clearing? Is self-clearing a potential option?

2. Creating A Market Reference Rate And The FX Central Tape

  • What is the FX Central Tape seeking to achieve
  • What are banks' main reservations about the FX Central Tape and how can they be overcome?

3. Overcoming gender bias in FX - Attracting, Developing And Retaining Female Top Talent

  • How is the FX industry addressing the aspirations of women to develop in leadership roles?
  • How are firms showcasing the contribution made by women in FX?
  • Common challenges and the solutions to highlight and solve them

4. Legacy Technology And The Future Of Blockchain In FX

  • What impact will compliance costs (with Mifid II and the Code of Conduct) have on legacy technology?
  • Exploring blockchain's applicability- how can it be deployed successfully in the FX market?
  • At which stage(s) in the trade-life cycle can blockchain be applied most practically?

5. Are We Witnessing The Death Of Last Look?

  • With the increasing demand for commercial transparency around last look, can the practice withstand ongoing regulatory scrutiny?
  • Is last look necessary for banks to be able to provide best price?
  • Does last look impede ‘fair market' conditions or is it an open and fair practice?

The nominated leader of each roundtable has 2 minutes to share the 3 key takeaways from their roundtable discussion!

5:15 CLOSING REMARKS: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

5:20 Cocktail reception

6:30 e-FX awards and formal dinner