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Program, July 12, 2016

 *Please note that the below information is from the 2016 agenda, visit the website regularly for the 2017 agenda.*

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:50 FX WEEK welcome address: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

9:00 EXCLUSIVE BREXIT DEBATE: Europe after Brexit - the view from the USA

  • The ramifications of Britain exiting the European Union - will investors pick an independent UK or continental Europe?
  • The prospects for both countries, and the impact of their relationship with the US market
  • The implications of a split Europe for the US - the opportunities and hurdles in the landscape

Moderator: Robert Lynch, Former Head of Currency Strategy, Americas, HSBC
Marc Chandler,
Global Head of Currency Strategy, BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN
Shahab Jalinoos, Global Head of FX Strategy, CREDIT SUISSE
Daniel Katzive, Head of FX Strategy for North America, BNP PARIBAS

9:40 PANEL: Market making and prime brokerage - the shifting liquidity landscape

  • The Liquidity Gap - How is it being addressed? - the role of regional banks and non-bank providers 
  • Credit in this new paradigm - What are the current issues having direct effects on liquidity. How dependent is the market now on prime brokerage?
  • Is credit the next area ripe for innovation?
  • How does the changing relationship between sell-side and buy-side shape liquidity provision?

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Jamil Nazarali, Head of Execution Services, CITADEL SECURITIES
James Watson, Managing Director , ADS SECURITIES LONDON
Sanjay Madgavkar, Global Head of FX Prime Brokerage, CITI
Yaacov Heidingsfeld, Chief Executive Officer, TRADERTOOLS
Franck Mikulecz, ‎Managing Director, FXCH

10:30 Morning break and opportunity to network


STREAM ONE-FX trading & execution

STREAM TWO-FX investment & strategy


Chair: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

Chair: Laura Matthews, Reporter, FX WEEK


PANEL: e-FX execution in an increasingly complex market place

  • Liquidity, credit and counterparties - how to connect and how to decide
  • Quality of execution and TCA, last look vs firm prices -choosing the best fit
  • Options and derivatives - how electronic can contracts get
  • Regulation and its influence on trading decisions

Moderator: Kevin McPartland, Head of Market Structure and Technology Research, GREENWICH ASSOCIATES
Dmitri Galinov, Chief Executive Officer, FASTMATCH
John Miesner, Head of Global Sales, GTX
Bill Goodbody, Jr., Senior Vice President, Head of FX, HOTSPOT

PANEL: Central banks and global growth- fashioning effective investment strategies against the backdrop of extraordinary monetary conditions

  • Where is the next growth story? Where to invest? Developing models capturing positive returns 
  • What central bank actions are likely to have a significant impact on your portfolio?
  • What impact would ‘helicopter money' have on markets and the global recovery?
  • What effect commodity prices have on currencies and investments?

Moderator: Natalia Gurushina, Chief Economist, EM Managed Debt Funds, VAN ECK GLOBAL
John Espinosa, Managing Director, Global Public Markets, TIAA - CREF
Arnab Nilim, Portfolio Manager, Currency Strategies, ‎ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN
Eric Stein, Co-Director of Global Fixed Income and Portfolio Manager, EATON VANCE
Ulf Lindahl, Chief Executive Officer, A.G. BISSET ASSOCIATES


PANEL: The credit conundrum - the role of prime of prime providers

  • How can clients access credit and liquidity
  • What happens to clients who trade non-spot instruments
  • Evaluating the types of PoP - differences between service providers 
  • The ideal fit - the relationship between PB, PoP and end client

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Jasper Chua,
Head of FX Prime Brokerage for the Americas, SOCIETE GENERALE
Peter Plester, Head of FX Prime Brokerage, SAXO BANK
Rich Pisarra, Director FX Sales, RJO'BRIEN

PANEL: FX hedging strategies: Risk - reward dilemma in the EM

  • The EM world of complexities: Tackling lack of liquidity, high volatility and high interest rates 
  • Strategically important opportunities vs. high hedging costs 
  • How do you hedge currencies that are too expensive to hedge? What's too expensive and what's the risk?
  • Long exposure to the EM markets
  • Using the proxy hedge

Moderator: Robert Savage, Chief Executive Officer, CCTrack
Ken Chee,
Portfolio Manager, International Equity and FX, STATE TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF OHIO
Nancy Davis, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, QUADRATIC CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
Chung Ma, Portfolio Manager, Head of the Currency Management Team, VIRGINIA RETIREMENT SYSTEM 
Shahab Jalinoos, Global Head of FX Strategy, CREDIT SUISSE


INTERVIEW ON THE STAGE: How new communications technology will change the financial services industry

Interviewer: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Lawrence Miller, Executive Vice President, Global Technology, SYMPHONY

SPECIAL ADDRESS: Macroeconomics and currency speculation in the context of secular stagnation and low growth

Michael Ho, Senior Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Alternatives, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS

1:00 Lunch and opportunity to network

2:00 AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: From G3 to G4: China enters the currency fray

Rebecca Patterson, Chief Investment Officer, BESSEMER TRUST

2:30 PANEL: Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) rebooted - a move towards standards

  • What efforts are underway to enable apple to apple comparison of execution? 
  • Where does innovation in TCA come from and what are banks doing to help clients?
  • Buy-side execution technology and algo adoption
  • Comparing algos with algos, firm vs last look liquidity and assessing the impact of fragmentation on execution quality
  • Putting the order under the microscope: What happens to the order during the order execution? How transparent is the process? How much does it cost?

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Irene Aldridge, Managing Director, ABLE ALPHA TRADING
Petra Wikström, Global Head of FX Execution and Alpha Solutions, BNP PARIBAS
Alex Dunegan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, LUMINT CORPORATION

3:10 Afternoon break and opportunity to network

3:40 EXECUTIVE ADDRESS: The global FX market - where we were, where we are, and where we are heading

Victoria Cumings, Managing Director - Americas, Global FX Division Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA)

4:10 PANEL: Regulatory update - milestones in the implementation process

  • Do banks have a profitable business model fit for the new regulatory landscape?
  • How far away are banks from full implementation and preparedness for new regulatory requirements?
  • How is the changing business model affecting clients? 
  • Comparing US and EU derivatives regulations - are we heading towards regulatory arbitrage?
  • Will there be areas where banks no longer want to be big in? Who will fill the gap?
  • Options and NDFs clearing: What are the timelines? How is it going to affect pricing? What are the pricing differentials for cleared and compressed trades vs. bilateral trades?
  • How will the FX industry change again when the real money starts being impacted by margin?

Moderator: Jack Drohan III, President, ACI AMERICA
Jeffrey Bandman, Acting Director, Division of Clearing and Risk, U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION
Michael Brosius, Chief Compliance Officer, MIZUHO CAPITAL MARKETS CORPORATION
Dino Kos, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, CLS BANK INTERNATIONAL
Andrés Choussy, Managing Director, Head of Derivatives Clearing Americas, J.P. MORGAN
Edward Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, ForexClear, LCH

5:00 Closing remarks: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

5:10 e-FX awards and cocktail reception


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