*FX Week defines buy side as a firm that has no trading clients on its own. This qualifies asset managers, pensions funds, insurance companies, corporates, hedge funds. Institutions that have a proprietary trading arm but also provide services to trading clients and other market participants do not qualify as buy side even if they are the clients of service providers. This means that broker-dealers, prime of primes, technology vendors, platforms and agency-brokers do not satisfy the definition of buy-side firm even if they have a proprietary dealing arm. FX Week reserve the right to cancel any registration that is under the wrong category.


Dress Code
Gentlemen are required to wear jackets and ties at all times. Failure to do so and you will not be permitted into the venue. Appropriate attire for ladies is dresses, skirts, dressy pant suits and business pant suits. Jeans, shorts, stirrup pants, leggings, stretch pants, tight pants, sweats and T-shirts are absolutely not acceptable.

Cellular Phones and Laptops
You are reminded, that use of cellular phones and laptops is not permitted anywhere in the Club except in private meeting rooms and bedrooms.

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